7da38627cdc8d207e31d0f6e29db74ed.jpegAs an avid reader, I compare my life to a book.  It began the moment I was conceived and will end with my first breath in Heaven.  God begins writing each chapter of our life. Unfortunately, we often grab the pen and try writing a chapter or two.  Hopefully, we quickly see the need to surrender the pen to Him, to continue writing His story on our life.

I am one woman, a follower of Jesus, a mother, a grandma, a daughter, a sister,  a friend, and a coffee lover.  By day, I am an educator.  By night, I manage our apartment home in the city, and on the weekends enjoy all that the Ozarks offer, spending time outdoors as often as possible.

This blog will share bits of life, truths God is revealing to my heart, tried and delicious recipes, and reviews of local sites and events. I encourage you to do the same by leaving your thoughts as comments.

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