Happy Father’s Day, Dad

I was always closest to my father.  We thought alike. We accepted the world openly, looking at the heart and life circumstances instead of the outward appearance.  We tended to problem solve in a similar fashion.

As I learned about my heavenly Father’s love, it was easy to understand how God was always available to handle our situations, loved unconditionally, forgave wrongs, supplied every need, and comforted and calmed during trouble.  This also described my earthly father.  He was not a perfect man, but he was to me.  I have never found anyone who compared.

As a minister, he was more available than those fathers who worked typical 8 hour days.  We often entered his office, played quietly near his desk, or just peeked our head in to see what he was doing.  Often, he was knelt in prayer. As a minister, he was available to the entire church.  We took few family vacations .  It seemed that some situation always interfered. Some church members took liberties with his kindness, waking up the entire household at 2 am asking my father to pray for them to go to sleep. Although his children complained, he never did.  I am trying to be more like him.

The photo on the right is my favorite of the two of us, a visit to the Dickerson Park Zoo while he was attending Bible college.  That monkey cage is still there and I think of him each time I walk by.  It is the little things that you remember when your parents pass.

Dad singing “Here she is. Miss America” most mornings as I came to the breakfast table, half asleep, donning foam pink rollers.

The rub of his morning beard on my cheek.

His patience.

His unconditional love.

His gift of time.

His deep, undying love of God.

His faith, especially in times of trouble.

His work ethic, which he instilled into his children.

His faithfulness to his relationship with our mother.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  I miss you terribly and look forward to seeing you again someday.  You are forever close to my heart!





About Ruth

I'm a follower of Jesus, mother, grandma, educator, and coffee lover...in that order.
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