When Life Is A Pain In The Back

Since the start of the month, I have been struggling with back pain.  I foolishly moved a table in my classroom several inches.  This brought on wrenching back pain which over the counter medication brought little to no relief.  I could not recline and all nights were spent wide awake or cat napping while in a seated position on the couch. It has been a rough couple of weeks.

I went to my chiropractor who has been telling me I have scoliosis.  He placed me twice under an electrical stimulus and did adjustments. The final visit he did no adjustments, but accepted payment as if he did.  I was not happy, feeling much worse, especially the following morning.  My friend, Terry, suggested her chiropractor, who is also a holistic,  natural doctor.  I visited him the following day.

He is unlike any doctor I have ever visited.  His methods are simple, yet thorough,  wanting to know all areas of your life.  Since moving, I have lost 15 pounds, my blood pressure has risen to stage one hypertension level, and the only difference is that the divorce will be final in a couple of days, moving to a new residence, and physical pain. That is all that is needed.  (As I write, that is a lot to adjust to in a quick two months.)

This new doctor wanted to hear the physical abuse details of my first marriage, the emotional pain of my brief second marriage, the details of “the table” injury, and how I was sleeping, moving, and existing.  I had heard the word kind used over and over to describe this man, a perfect adjective.  Maybe him wanting to know about me was not only to inform him, but to allow me to release and share layers of pain that have not quite healed.

He placed me on the table to be adjusted.  When he finished, my back was straight, my pain had decreased from 10+ to about 3, and he wanted to see me again in about a week.  He encouraged me to find the positive in every situation, even when it seems 100% negative.  At this moment, he believes my BP issues are due to pain and stress.  While being monitored, he believes it will decrease.  (Meanwhile, I have added additional chia and flax to my diet.)

Life is sometimes a royal pain in the back.  How do we react?  Because we are emotional creatures, the stages of grief must be walked through.  It is not easy on any level.

God has this way of bringing people into our lives to assist us in our darkest time.  Those people, willing to help, willing to encourage, willing to just listen, give me the greatest and most valued gift of all gifts.  Their time.  Time has value, and how we spend it impacts the lives of those with which we share.



About Ruth

I'm a follower of Jesus, mother, grandma, educator, and coffee lover...in that order.
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